Board of Directors Meeting 3/3/2020

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Call to Order 00:13:08

Awards and Presentations 00:13:54

Opening of Meeting to Electors or Taxpayers 00:13:59

Adoption of Minutes 00:32:35

Communications 00:33:05

Reports 00:34:09

A. Manager's Report B. Other Reports

Presentation of Bid Waiver Requests 01:41:19

Public Hearings 01:41:27

Appropriations to Special Projects Appropriations to Education Special Projects

Consent Calendar 01:47:10

Action on Items of Public Hearing 01:47:45

Unfinished Business 01:47:53

Appointments to Boards and Commissions Appointment of a Member to Property Maintenance Code Board of Appeals

New Business 01:50:37

Appropriation to Special Projects Recreation Department Police Donations Revenue Account Establishment of Sustainability Task Force Recommendations Establishment of Sustainability Commission Approval of one-year extension of Manchester Police Officers Association contracts

Comment and Discussion by Board Members 02:08:09

Adjournment 02:21:51

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